Apologies if this is not exactly the right issue stream, but advice I've seen always seems to say post over here, even when we are unsure exactly which 'component' the discussion applies to.

Support <link rel='relationship'> tags in the document head

I'm aware that some people think that meta tags are totally useless, and I'm also aware that LINK REL tags have traditionally had very bad support, but they can exist, Opera & Firefox use them, I use them, accessibility browsers and hotkeys use them, and, given the amount of structural info available to our nodes, could be implimented quite easily.

It's likely that this is more appropriate in a new module altogether, or as an extension on the (non-existant?) keywords.module.

Some modules (specifically book.module and comment.module) should be encouraged to impliment this in their own way (up, next, prev etc) using set_html_head but other rel tags types like 'contents' could be global.

Has anyone given this some thought?
It will help a lot of folk who are being required to meet 'accessibility' guidelines, which I see as one thing Drupal is doing a lot to support.

Feel free to move this to an appropriate section, sorry if it's more like a forum post, but where should I post a 'feature request' for a non-existant module?



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Nobody cares

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Version: 4.6.3 » 6.9

Well I do care but I'm not a PHP buff. I think it is sad that nobody has given any sort of feedback either positive or negative. I hope that maybe now that developers are starting to pay more attention to web standards and accessibility issues, that this might be picked up as well. I'm new to the Drupal community but have found that those developing modules for Drupal pay much more attention to these kinds of subjects than in the WordPress community that I was a part of before I discovered Drupal. I hope one of you feels inspired.

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REL links is now out there 7 years later.