The module's web page states "when a node is created, an equivalent taxonomy term is automatically created in any associated vocabularies."

I find that I don't have enough information to understand what the module does. What information from the node is used to create the taxonomy term? The title? Something else? I think this node may be a perfect solution to a problem I have, but it's impossible to tell. "This module is a simple but effective way to create node-node relationships" sounds very promising, but without an example or some detail, I'm at a loss.

There's no link to any documentation on the module's web page.


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On the NAT settings page it lists all your content types.
For each content type, you can enable NAT and associate a vocabulary to it
When a node of one of the NAT enabled content types is created, a vocabulary is created.
The node title is the term name, and optionally, the node body is the term description.

I use it when I want my taxonomy terms to contain more fields than just a title and description.
some things are a bit buggy (see issue queue). But for automatically generating a term when (certain) nodes are created, it works well.

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Thanks, that was quite coherent. If you could put it into the module description, that'd be perfect.

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I cant do that. I don't maintain this module.

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Yeah, thanks for the more elaborate description! :-)

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Might be a good seed to some docs?

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Anyone who can login to can contribute and edit documentation.

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I have added an example to the module page.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.