Has anyone made an instant messnger module for Drupal 6? When I was using 5, I couldn't really find one that I liked. Yeah, yeah, I know: Make my own. No time and no talent there, gang. I'd be willing to contribute to such a project in other ways, including monetarily.


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how do i integrate the two modules to create an instant messenger

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the answer depends on your real need ..

for IM, there are 2 solutions, open OR close.

for open, i mean u can, and have to, setup and run your server. i.e. XMPP (Jabber) based IM.
for close, i.e. MSN, gtalk, Skype..etc, u have to ask your user "install" the client software.

if u take the 1st one, there's a XMPP framework for Drupal 6.x. As the JavaScript XMPP client is ready, what u need is the Server.

both solutions have their pros and cons.

a new option is the flash p2p solution. But it's still at pre-release phase.

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If by IM you mean chat, I use the http://drupal.org/project/phpfreechat module and it works nicely. There's a d6 patch in the issue queue and the maintainer said they would be creating a d6 release shortly.

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I just updated phpFreeChat for Drupal 6. It's a great IM program.


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I installed phpfreechat with no issues, i was able to enable the modules and change the permissions but it's not showing in admin >Site configuration.
i m using

drupal- 6.13

when i went to Content Types and create a not type i saw all phpchat options
i create new type for chat room

but when i create node as chat room is blank

in block section all phpchat blocks are there

Who is chatting on...
Who is chatting
when i slect the block who is chatting the text is shown * empty *

plz help me why is not working

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The answer to your question is this module: http://drupal.org/project/im
it's perfect and works like a charm!!
you can even try a demo here: http://digthisplace.net/

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Your demo link doesn't work.

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The site seems to be down, please try another day.
Check the module's site as well, the link is indicated there.

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I get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function db_num_rows() in /home/raj/public_html/drupal/6.9/includes/common.inc(1648) : eval()'d code on line 11

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Function db_num_rows() does not exist in Drupal 6. See http://drupal.org/node/114774#db-num-rows

You probably have an old chunk of Drupal 5 php code somewhere in a node, in a block, or in a view, which contains a db_num_rows() in line 11.

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That was the error from the demo site.

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Don't know how I killed it, but I did and have now fixed it. So sorry. http://digthisplace.net/