I've a CCK filefield (called 'File')
I'm trying to get the metadata to show up in my views tabular / list displays using the File:Mime Type, File:Size, et al fields.

None of these seem to be appearing?

(PS:- They display fine on the node/*/edit & add pages. Playing time, size, Mime type is displayed properly. It's just the views that are the issue (I've both MimeDetect and FileField meta enabled, running PHP 5.2.x, along with GetId3 1.7.7)

Am I missing something?


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Title:usiMetadata in views?» File Metadata in views?

eek. Typo in the title.

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I'm having a similar issue, which is that I cannot choose to filter by the FileField File filename in Views. I assume this is related?

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Version:5.x-2.3» 6.x-3.0-alpha7
Category:bug» feature
Status:Active» Fixed

This isn't a bug report, since Views support has to be manually coded.

I've added Views support to FileField Meta, including all the available fields in the filefield_meta table. I wrote a custom handler for duration (so you can format as mm:ss rather than seconds as a decimal), since I figured that'd be the most frequently used field. We could potentially add more handlers in the future for sample rate and bitrate, but that's for another patch.

These changes are only available in the Drupal 6 version. I'm not going to spend the time building Views support for Drupal 5, since the Views API has been completely rewritten, none of the D6 version can be backported directly.

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Title:File Metadata in views?» Add Views Support to FileField Metadata

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Version:6.x-3.0-alpha7» 6.x-3.2
Status:Closed (fixed)» Active

I'm also running both MimeDetect and FileField meta, running PHP 5.2.x, along with GetId3 1.7.9. I have mp3s uploaded through filefield and I want to display their duration in a view. Is that possible?

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Version:6.x-3.2» 6.x-3.0-alpha7
Status:Active» Closed (fixed)

Please open a support request and not re-open a year-old feature request.

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Status:Closed (fixed)» Fixed
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Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Title:Add Views Support to FileField Metadata» Add Views Support to FileField Metadata (Fixed)

How to show Metadata in Views (Drupal 6):

For instance, i'll use a filefield called "field_pdf".

1) Create the view, add a "Relationship" type "Content: field_pdf - fid"
2) Add any fields type "File: field_pdf" (size, mime, play time etc etc etc)

Easy! xD