Need to remove Drupal Welcome prompt. Seems like it requires that I post something to the front page, however I'd like to keep the content blank there.

Any clues on how to achieve this?


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- Create a Page
- Give it a title like 'Home', 'Coming Soon!', or 'You Just Wait and See'
- Leave the Body blank
- Under Publishing Options for the page, make sure both 'Published' and 'Promote to front page' are checked

That should work. I don't have a site at that stage of development so I may have missed something.

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It creates the title of the story and posts it to the homepage. I want to dispatch the content and the welcome message completely.

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bump. Is there a way to remove the hard-coded text from this prompt at least?

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Create a new page and use a URL of home

Go to Administer -> Site Information
Put the above URL into the field for Default Front Page.

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actually, I went ahead and removed that whole welcome message "else" statement from node.php

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The div that the welcome message is inside is called "first-time". In your theme's stylesheet, just paste the following

#first-time { display:none; }


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Note that modify core files is not best practice and makes upgrading Drupal difficult.

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The unwelcome module seems to not work anymore.

/*Use CSS*/
#first-time { width:0; height:0; visibility:hidden; overflow:hidden; }

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That CSS will hide it from viewer but not from the search crawlers... and you don't want 'Welcome to your new Drupal website!' text appear under search results...

On top of that, Unwelcome module is for those who don't know or want to modify anything, download-enable kinda thing.

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Also you can do that by editing modules-> node -> node.module at line 1764 to 1774
All you need is comment them or change the text of welcome message

but i usually change this variable $default_message at line 1774 to other words! ex: $default_messageee
you can do it too:)

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Hacks of the core were never a good idea because they will be wiped with the next update, or you have to keep track of those and merge with the newer version of the core.

Unwelcome module allows you to do the same but clean way, without any kind of hacks. Download-enable and that's it!