Hi there,

I'm using bio module with avatar selection module (http://drupal.org/project/avatar_selection) and encountering a problem. When 'Show fields on registration form' is enabled the avatar selection box is on the register page and the user is able to select an avatar but the selection is not stored in the database. When the user edits their profile/bio the avatar selection works as normal.

When 'Show fields on registration form' is disabled avatar selection module works normally too.

This has really been a tough problem for me, any help would be gratefully appreciated


PS also raised this as an avatar selection issue: http://drupal.org/node/337524


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update: I've been changing settings and flicking switches, and seemed to have got it working fine now. I'm not sure why. The only clue is that before it happened all fields in the user_register.tpl.php were pre-fixed with '["bio_info"]' e.g. $form["field_first_name"] became $form["bio_info"][0]["field_first_name"]. Now that it is fixed, the fields are back to normal with no ["bio_info"] part.

Anyone know what might cause this?