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By default, Drupal displays the RSS icon that is located in Drupal core: /misc/feed.png. Placement of this commonly used and widely recognizable icon is governed by the page.tpl.php template in use in the active theme. The icon is also used in the subscriptions block. If you want to replace that feed icon with one of your own, follow these steps:

  1. Create your new RSS icon and save it in .png format in your theme's /images folder as "feed.png".
  2. Create a file in that theme's directory called template.php or, if it already exists, edit the existing file.
  3. Insert the following code between the <?php ?> tags:
    function yourthemename_feed_icon($url) {
      $icon_url = '/' . drupal_get_path('theme', 'yourthemename') . '/images/feed.png';
      if ($image = '<img src="'. $icon_url . '" alt="'. t('RSS feed') .'" />') {
        return '<a class="xml-icon" href="'. check_url($url) .'">'. $image .'</a>';

    Be sure to replace 'yourthemename' in the function name and within the code with the actual name of your theme.

  4. Visit Administer » Site building » Themes to reset the theme registry cache. (Or if you are using the Dev module, clear that cache.)

You should now see your new custom RSS icon in place of the icon provided by Drupal core.

For more information, see the instructions on how to override a theme function.

View how to replace the icon in Drupal 7.

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