Is it possible to support flash banners?

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Marking as duplicate of #295087: linkable flash macro

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Yes you can place flash banners...
like i did in

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Not working for me - am uploading .swf objects same as images but they do not appear on the Rotor Banner admin / preview page. Am I missing something here?

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Any suggestions as to what I can check to get flash working? Would version of flash browser object matter? Kind of stuck, thanks

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hi have you enabled clean url on your site..? or tell me the exact problem ...

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Hi - Clean URLs was disabled, so enabled and tried again. If I upload an image banner into rotor it works great as expected. If I upload a .swf file, it does not preview on the rotor configuration page and it does not display in the rotor, it is blank when it comes to the flash objects.

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I doubt it will work by using the image field, since that uses Drupal's theme('image', ...) to render the image and that is not built to handle flash objects. Try just embedding it within the content textarea instead.

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thanks! - I initially embedded that way, but it wasn't working. After filling in all the possible flash variables, then it kicked in and worked. TOO cool for words, thanks!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.

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Thanks mrfelton embedding it within the content textarea works.

@All: if you're an absolute beginner find attached screenshot to clarify the 'content textarea' location.

I have attache a very basic flash code too.