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I have a website with about 90,000 hits daily. I just got an email from my shared host saying that i need to change hosting plan due to heavy cpu and ram usage. Do you have any host, probably one with a vps, to recommend me? I should mention that my website is non-profit one and i do need to find something relatively cheap but reliable.

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I'd say it's time for a dedicated server.

monetize your site, raise the funds and purchase dedicated hardware so that you can continue to grow your userbase. Shared hosting is not for a site getting 90K hits daily.

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If it's due to CPU and RAM usage then your shared hosting plan has nothing to do with that. It's the bandwith that you are using that they are telling you why to upgrade.

CPU and RAM can be changed in the php.ini file in your shared host environment.

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while they can be changed in a shared hosting environement not all allow this and don't allow overriding the defaults. Beyond that quite a few shared hosts who have moved to PHP5 have changed their RUP in quite a few ways.

Bandwidth isn't the issue in most cases RAM and inserts/deletes on the DB are in a shared hosting evnironment. This is my experience with shared hosting. Including those where I have unlimited bandwidth.

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I agree with VeryMisunderstood here, we just cannot rely on shared hosting to support 50000 visit per day. VPS hosting should be considered at least.

And i think make your side profitable is important, if you don't want to spend too much effort, you can just signup google adsense, and work with google. the earning should be good enough to cover your cost of hosting. Another great choice is to work with affilate network to affiliate product there. you will make big money from them consdiering your traffic is at pretty good status now.

Good luck to you.

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Thanks to all for your tips.

P.S. To seanray, are you associated with in any way? Do you recommend this site for drupal hosting tips? I am thinking of going to the Lunarpages VPS but i am not sure if the 512MB RAM will be enough..

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I am using about 50GB of bandwidth monthly, but they did not mention this at all. Just that the index.php file is using about 5% of the cpu and this is a problem for them.

Also, do you think that 512MB RAM will be enough if i go for a vps? If not, then how much RAM will drupal (2 installations) need minimum?

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512M is enough to start with, I'd think. I suppose the only thing I'd worry about is burts of traffic and how the host will handle that in a case where you are on VPS and your traffic spikes. I'd also start pulling up information on how to tune/optimise MySQL for Drupal and invesigate some of the 3rd party caching techniques many high traffic sites are using.

I'd make sure that whatever host you decide on makes it easy for you to A) add more RAM or B) switch to a dedicated when you are ready.

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I am already everything available in the performance module of drupal. Is there more i can do??

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yes. There are 3rd party caching methods that you should investigate and MySQL optimisation that can be done to help drupal now that you are on a VPS. There are a multitude of threads about these things in relation to drupal that can be found using google. is a good place to start educating yourself in these areas.

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Thanks alot!!! I will take your advice asap!