I see there's a nice break thru of online store, and it's an opensource "under Open Software License (OSL)",.. Much much more better than any online store I've try,.. It's totally web 2.0 store,.. nice and fast script,.. simple management and support multi currency and language,.. all come in one simple package,..

It's a prestashop => http://www.prestashop.com/en/showcase_demo/
Feature : http://www.prestashop.com/en/features/

Is there any possibility to make a nice integration from prestashop to drupal engine? Can someone develope module for it?




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Bump up....

anyone interest to make such project?

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I am interested in this project.

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I am also interested....


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me too!

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I can help also, but then with the styling part of it!

+when?+ lol

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Steel sharpens Steel !

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Since the original post is almost 2 years old, I would say the chances of this happening without a sponsored effort are pretty much nil, lol.

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I am interested in integrating Prestashop (which is very weak CMS-wise) and Drupal. The too compliment well, plus, most importantly, I have a Prestashop expert at hand and I would be the one who will handle daily maintenance. Since I know Drupal, I'd prefer reducing my burden as much as possible.

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+1 for me

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I've develop a small custom module to register a Drupal user in Prestashop as well. I can upload it to a sandbox project.

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I would need some help to login a user in Prestashop programmatically when a user logs in in Drupal, anyone has any idea about this?

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I've created a sandbox project with what I have at the moment, which is basically that when a user registers, the user is created in Prestashop as well. This is the url of the project:

You may need to create two fields in the user account: field_first_name and field_last_name. I haven't tested without this fields, so I don't know if without them will break it.

To use the module add this variable to the settings.php (with your url to prestashop and the key):

$conf['prestashop_url'] = 'http://localhost/prestashop/prestashop/';
$conf['prestashop_key'] = 'MS8VQH9LMI3U2NR7P33HWW15ESQQBQ8W';

I hope it helps, let me know your feedback and I'm happy to accept contributions.