I moved my database and website to a new host. I got everything working but decided it was time to upgrade to 6.x before changing my nameservers and moving the domain to the new hosting.

I've upgraded before and know how to do it. This time however, after moving all the new files in and going to upgrade.php, once I click the continue button (after a warning about register_globals), I just get a 500 Internal Server error.

Any idea what could be happening?


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For the actual error message.


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I assume you meant update.php

If you got your 5.x site working in the new server before that happened,
- Did you need to make any changes for that purpose, for example in .htaccess or settings.php?
- Check the requirements of Drupal 6, especially the increased php memory limit requirement.
- Try to make things simpler, by disabling clean URLs (if you haven't already) and by renaming .htaccess to get it out of the way. If you get through the upgrade, you can start putting everything back.

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Yes I meant update.php.

I have a 4.7 site. Do I have to go to 5.x before going to 6.x?

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Yes, you need to upgrade to 5.x first. It may take some work.

First 5.x core with a core theme and with all additional modules disabled, then update.php, then the 5.x modules (at least the ones which maintain data), again update.php, and if everything goes well the same for 6.x.

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I run into this error quite often and its always to do with the read-write permissions of various files and folders. The error logs should tell you which ones are causing the error but for starters check the update.php and index.php files (I believe they should be 644).

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I was still getting this error with Drupal 7.19 (came here from Google). My provider is one.com, and Pradeep George's solution worked for me: http://pradeepgeorge.com/blog/solve-error-while-installing-drupal-onecom... .