I am building a site with reviews of different locations and restaurants, and I have created different content types using CCK.
What I am trying to figure out, is how to reference to different content types to each other.
An examle:

I have a content type called restaurant. The restaurants are placed in a taxonomy system like this: State->Region->City
Now I want to have a link on each of the restaurant nodes, going straight to a submission form of a new type of node, called reviews.
The review then have to reference to the restaurant-node, and now what taxonomy it is in.

In short: Two content types, how can I create the new one and reference it to the other?


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Node reference :)

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That is kind of obvious :)

I have tried it, but it wasn't easy trying to figure out how to pass correct arguments to a view list. I am using the select field, and trying to get the correct nodes in it.
What I basically did, was to create a view that gets the correct node type, and I am trying to get it to pick the right taxonomy.
And then I need to send the right arguments from the reference to the view. But there isn't any documentation on what kind of arguments I can send. If I want to send the taxonomyid and nodeid to the view, how can this be done? Didn't work writing $tid and [TID].
If I just use the autocomplete field, then you have to write in the name to find the node, but I want to do automatically.

I know this is getting a bit complicated, but hope somebody have time to help me out.