I was looking for integrating external content (particularly from drupal based sites), but did not succeed. Nothing worked for me.

I found this module under develpment that seems to address my needs. I may be wrong, but I guess it could allow to display a particular node from another side within the current Drupal side (avoiding the stuff around like menus...)

I downloaded and activated it, but I have no clue what to do next. No documentation nor any discussions about it.
Is is a live or dead project?

I would be glad to help by participating to the testing


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Hi jvieille,

This module allows you to include content from your drupal installation running this module on other SSI enabled pages.

To use it, you simple need to install the module on a drupal site and then use the following Server Side Includes (SSI) calls on an SSI enabled page (.shtml by default):

  • Blocks:
    <!--#include virtual="/ssi/block/[block module]/[block delta]" -->
  • Regions:
    <!--#include virtual="/ssi/region/[region name]" -->
  • Nodes:
    <!--#include virtual="/ssi/node/[node id]" -->
  • Node Teasers:
    <!--#include virtual="/ssi/node/[node id]/teaser" -->

The main purpose of this is for sites that have to run .html pages and drupal side-by-side.

The module has not been updated in a long time due to one major issue I found; When the drupal site is put into offline mode the SSI results display a full drupal offline page. I do have a workaround in the works for this issue and will likely commit it soon.

I hope this answers your questions.

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Title: What SSI does? How to use it? » Include in a Drupal block?

I'm trying to share a single block across 2 Drupal sites? After installing SSI on Drupal site #1, can I insert the #include code in a block in Drupal site #2?

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@Rick Nashleanas

As long as Drupal handles standard Server Side Include tags then yes, that should work. I'm fairly certain it does, I just can't recall at the minute.
Give it a test and see what happens. I'd be interested to know the results.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)