In the membership module 5.x-1.1, when i installed and added a role and given access to membership module - access membership and administer membership.
Now when i got to user mgt -. membership management , I get a message in page
Membership management
The module has not been set up yet.

Is there any other module to be installed along with it.

Will this module allow to create a custom user registretion form linked with payment option.




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1. Duplicate of #254545: Message: module has not been set up yet.
2. Please have a look at the CVS version committed yesterday, it has much more useful messages, esp. in the mentioned areas.
3. No, I don't think this module should have any dependencies - anyway, there is nothing listed nor mentioned.
4. No, this module does not have anything related to any kind of payment, nor user registration; it's merely to ease administration of time-limited membership assignment - at least in its current form.

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Thanks for the reply.
But as this module can set a time limit membership based on role, if I have 3 roles having 3 time limits, can a new user while registraion time select a specific time limit membership role or is it the admin who has to assign role later.
Can you please help me in this query.

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As this module cannot handle more than one role and its (time-limited) membership (yet), your question does not make sense - anyway, it's the admin's job to assign users to roles, isn't it?

If you can describe a decent use case, then this issue becomes a (partial) duplicate of #237020: email integration - if you need that functionality, open a new issue for it, please.