Hi there,

A client of ours who wants us to build a European umbrella-website has asked us to find reliable local providers in the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium (done)
  • Czech Republic (done)
  • Denmark
  • England/UK (done)
  • Finland
  • France (done)
  • Germany (done)
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Italy (done)
  • Netherlands (done)
  • Poland
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain (done)
  • Sweden
  • Swtizerland

Hosts need to be PHP5 with at least 32MB script memory, but preferably more
they also need to allow connecting to a remote mySQL DB, as the idea is to use 1 centralized database and have all the local providers connect to that, but I haven't found any hosts that block that so far, so that shouldn't be a problem

Please post links to the providers page and add some specs if possible, I don't really care if they're affiliate links

The ones marked (done) already have a local provider, so don't bother posting a link for those countries

Thanks in advance!


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As far as I know, UK2.net should be a good choice, and if you are ok with dedicated hosting, then, you can choose 1&1(1and1.co.uk)

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they already had UK hosting service

they were looking for providers who's servers were actually physically in the country, as in their IP resolves to that country

and yeh, I found one for all countries, I think, I'll post a list when I'm at the office and think about it

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It would be nice to see that list when you're done...


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k, so here are my results of some research
this information is a result of a quick research, so please don't blindly rely on these numbers
market share information gained from http://www.webhosting.info/webhosts/tophosts/Country/ about 2 weeks ago, so orders could of shifted a bit by now (note that these numbers probably include domain-tasters)

  • Austria
    • name: inode
    • url: http://www.inode.at
    • space: 200-500MB
    • memory: 32MB
    • price: €4-8/m +VAT
    • notes: Marketleader in .at domains, memory not expandable
    • name: world4you
    • url: http://www.world4you.com
    • space: 1GB
    • memory: unknown
    • price: €4.50/m
    • notes: 2nd marketleader in .at domains
  • Denmark
    • name: Surf Town
    • url: http://www.surf-town.net
    • space: 500GB
    • memory: 32MB+
    • price: €5.99/m
    • notes: 4th marketleader in .dk domains, English support, bandwidth limits not mentioned, memory expandable
  • Finland
    • name: Nebula
    • url: http://www.nebula.fi
    • space: 2GB
    • memory: 32MB
    • price: €15/m
    • notes: 3rd marketleader in .fi domains, memory not expandable
  • Greece
    • name: Hyperhosting
    • url: http://www.hyperhosting.gr
    • space: 200-800MB
    • memory: 32MB
    • price: €6.50-17.50/m
    • notes: PHP4, support only in greek
  • Hungary
    • name: Web-server
    • url: http://www.web-server.hu
    • space: 1.5GB
    • memory: 64MB
    • price: €4.5/m
    • notes: Limited English support, extremely fast response time to e-mail and livechat
  • Poland
    • name: NetArt
    • url: http://www.nazwa.pl
    • space: 10GB
    • memory: 64MB
    • price: €78/y + VAT
    • notes: Support only in Polish, MySQL server not on localhost, 30s for PHP scripts, very good for mailinglists
    • name: Home
    • url: http://www.home.pl
    • space: 1GB
    • memory: unknown
    • price: €78/y +VAT
    • notes: Marketleader in .pl domains
  • Slovakia
    • name: A3Web
    • url: http://www.a3web.sk
    • space: 7GB
    • memory: custom
    • price: €3.64/m
    • notes: English support, unlimited bandwidth, 1st month free
    • name: Atlantis
    • url: http://www.atlantis.sk
    • space: 6GB
    • memory: 64MB
    • price: €5.28/m
    • notes: PHP without safe-mode, own php.ini
  • Slovenia
    • name: Hitrost
    • url: http://www.hitrost.com
    • space: 800MB
    • memory: 64MB
    • price: €6/m
    • notes: 3rd marketleader of .si domains
    • name: Domenca
    • url: http://www.domenca.com
    • space: 200-1000MB
    • memory: unknown
    • price: €8-39/m
    • notes: 2nd marketleader of .si domains, response to e-mail only after 2 days with no real answer to my question
  • Sweden
    • name: Loopia
    • url: http://www.loopia.se
    • space: 1GB
    • memory: 16MB+
    • price: €8.30/m
    • notes: Marketleader in .se domains with over 25%(!!), default memory_limit on 16MB, expandable "as long as it doesn't bother other clients on the same server"
  • Switzerland
    • name: Hostpoint
    • http://www.hostpoint.ch
    • space: 10GB
    • memory: 64MB
    • price: €6.80/m
    • notes: 2nd marketleader in .ch domains, own php.ini
    • name: Infomaniak Network
    • url: http://www.infomaniak.ch
    • space: 50GB
    • memory: 48MB+
    • price: €10/m
    • notes: Marketleader in .ch domains, memory expandable up to 96MB for 1 hour, up to 10 times per year, first year €90, then €120
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dude, did u even read my post?

the hosts need to have their servers physically in those countries...

considering u offer "EU" hosting and ur pricing is in GBP, I'm assuming all your servers are physically in the UK

I ain't paying for this, my client is so I couldn't care less about the price, all that matters to me is the level of support and the amount of available memory for PHP scripts

coz I've had problems with some cheap hosts in the past *cough*one.com*cough* where I would get memory exhaust after enabling like 4 modules

since then 32MB is the absolute minimum I'll work with but I prefer 64 and up

not only does ur FAQ page not provide any information regarding these things, but it is also littered with typing errors and grammatical screwups

in case u didn't know: every comma, period, question mark or other type of punctuation is always followed by a space and there is no such thing as wikkipedia

seriously, fix ur content and the images that stick out of their place holder, it makes it look horribly amateuristic and makes me feel like it's just a scam :x

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I am really sorry to confirm that I did not read your post properly. I can also confirm that there are typhos and grammatical errors that do really needs attention. Thanks so much for being so professional. My colleague is meant to do the editing of the site on the 22nd of this month as scheduled.
Our site is relatively new but managed by real and genuine hosting professionals. Guys with sufficient technical know-how and able to assist clients as and when needed. Personally I am concerned and assisting with the Drupal CMS side of things. We are really out to help that is why we are offering huge hosting spaces and free Drupal website design for Ecommerce to our clients.
So thank you very much for your comments though I was personally aware of the errors, someone was already assigned to take care of all that you have made mentioned.
Even though you said "it makes you feel like it is just a scam" I think a scammer cannot succeed in the hosting industry.Also a scammer will not offer free services in comparison to the free hosting and free drupal website design services that we offer.
Also a professionally created "FAQ" should always reflect the questions asked by potential clients and as well as aspiring clients. What I mean here is that; it will have to take sometime before we can build a professional frequently asked questions that will cover all that is available to our clients. I am quite sure I have also gained a thing or two from your post that will eventually add up to our database of FAQ.
Thanks once more for your professional comments.I like them and the style used to get your point out.Good luck and I wish you success.

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you still didn't point out how much memory u allow php scripts to use

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Mon dieu, that is because realfreetv (and eileen) is complete phake (fake en Anglais?). Purchaser beware!

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Hi.Thanks for your comments. I will offer 32mb on all the packages on our sites but could go more than that to a maximum of 64mb if we can agree. We use google checkout. Thanks

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serwery http://www.abajt.pl hosting
konta pocztowe http://www.hejnet.pl w Polsce

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UK2 is pretty large and established. They may be your best bet. They do have several brands, so research before you buy!

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There're plenty of good hosting providers throughout Europe, just Google with specific country name.
Also you may find reliable one from webhosting listing websites like www.cheap-hosting-providers.com or others. I personally was with few companies in the UK and currently am with www.euro-space.net , which is pretty good.

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We're also with euro-space and are satisfied with their server speed, quite reliable company. But cheap-hosting-providers.com ? doesn't show anything..