In upgrading to 6.x-1.13, I ran the update only to get an error. It appears that fivestar_update_6104 is attempting to query the table {content_node_field} which simply doesn't exist in my database. Based on the comments, I suspect (but I don't know) that content_node_field is a CCK table, and I am not using the CCK module (believe it or not). If I am correct in my assumption, that upgrade should be wrapped with a test for module_exists('CCK') or something like that.

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I think you're correct. Thanks for the detailed report of the problem.

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user warning: Table 'd6.content_node_field' doesn't exist query: SELECT field_name, global_settings FROM content_node_field WHERE type = 'fivestar' in C:\www\drupal-6\sites\all\modules\fivestar\fivestar.install on line 159.

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This issue exists when upgrading from Drupal 5, even when CCK exists. This is caused by the CCK update which creates the content_node_field table running after the fivestar updates.

This patch adds the recommended module_exists() condition to fivestar_update_6104() as well as adding logic to fivestar_update_6100() to make sure that CCK updates have run first, if CCK is being used.

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Thanks Roger! I also added the same if (content_exists()) check to the Drupal 5 version of fivestar_update_5703().

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.