How can you configure the automatic handler for image nodes to include the whole gallery, say 35 pics, in a group and not just the ones per page, lets say 10? Now I force my users to enter and exit the lightbox several times to watch the whole gallery. Some will too easily miss the other pictures or at least not enjoy the two additional clicks and loading time.

An automator "lightbox full gallery group" and "lightbox full gallery slideshow" would be great.

#39 slideshow.js_.txt2.02 KBmalcomio
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Status: Active » Postponed

It's not possible at the moment and I'm not sure it will be for quite a while.

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A workaround for this might be to increase the number of images per page in admin > settings > image galleries so that all your images appear on one page, and thus in one slideshow.

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I also would like to request that feature and I'm sure You know the solution. Since paging mechanism generates links like this: /image/tid/20?page=2 maybe it wouldn't be complicated to check page code for them and ask server for generate that pages just for taking all images urls?

Anyway, thanks for a great module.

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Paged views make a lot of sense for organizing thumbnails in large galleries, but the lightbox should browse through all images in the entire gallery / view, not just the ones displayed on the current page. I get a lot of requests for this feature.

BTW - many thanks for all your work on lightbox2 - it is an indispensable module.

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Subscribe. This is very important.

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+1, it would help me a lot.

Otherwise, Lightbox 2 is a nice module, thanks.

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Subscribe. This limitation makes image galleries almost unusable. I would even pay small amount to anyone, who can handle it.

And I would also like to add, that the solution should work also for ajax pager (this is exactly my user case).

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one workaround i can think of:
generally as proposed in #2 (+ with a little tweak):
adjust the allowed number of nodes on one page of the view to some high number or even better unlimited.
but as this could lead to too many images loaded on one page, here the tweak:
use the class="lightbox_hide_image" attribute as explained in README for the images you don't want to show, ie those which would exceed your reasonable paging-limit,
effectively "reimplementing" the paging-functionality.
Well actually not really reimplementing all the functionality, but rather just rudely cutting after say 20 images.
I am not even sure where to code the tweak.
This (pseudocode) would go eg in node-image.tpl.php, but someone please throw in where to get the position number of the node in the view.

 if ($node_position_in_view < $reasonable_paging_limit) {
 		Only local images are allowed.images['thumbnail']}" alt="{$node->title}"/>
 } else {
	 		 class="lightbox_hide_image" >

Alternatively one can work with two views:
- one with the paging_limit=reasonable_paging_limit
- the second with paging_limit=0 and offset=reasonable_paging_limit

At least the second view would need the adapted processing as proposed in the pseudocode.
(But the condition could be simply the $view->name; or put in view-specific template)

Eg with the insert_view module one could get these two views on one page.

However this is just theory, never tried. ;)

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I have the same issue. People want to click on an image that opens in the lightbox where they can continue to view the other images. It is something like opening a book. You see the cover and want to start looking into it.
What I was thinking was to create scaled thumbs 0px by 0px and others Xpx by Xpx in the image cache. Then create a View from both, lightbox-0-thumb to Original + lightbox X-thumb to Original.
If the visible thumb would load all the images in the lightbox this would be great.

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Subscribe also.
And also thanks for the module, this is always installed by default :)

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Version: 6.x-1.8 » 6.x-1.x-dev
Status: Postponed » Active

This is definitely possible. I can contribute a 50 USD bounty for this feature.

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Subscribing. This functionality just makes sense.

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I just discovered this bug the hard way as we recently implemented pagination for our gallery due to page weight issues (you can only have so many thumbnails on a single page before it gets unwieldy). Now, clicking on a thumbnail on page 2 (or 3...) displays the wrong image in the lightbox, as it counts images from the start (ie page 1). So, clicking on the 9th thumbnail on page 3 displays image 9 from page 1. What's odd is it correctly displays the numbering (eg "Image 9 of 50") for each individual page.

EDIT: removed bit about only 2 options as 1 option (remove "grouping" in view) doesn't actually fix this issue because Lightbox still counts from 1st page. So really, the only option right now is to have 1 really humungous gallery page. :(

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Subscribing. I have been building two sites with the intention of using this excellent module. I didn't anticipate this.

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For people still having trouble with this issue and similar ones, I hope this ENORMOUS post I created will help:

Essentially, you use Imagecache to create 1px versions of your images, display them in a view within the node(s) that you wish to link to a content type or vocabulary, and then hide the View with CSS.

I'm sure it can be improved, but all the galleries on my site were created in this way:

Hope it helps!

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Anyone still struggling with this, go here for the fix: ;)

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@29 - As far as I can tell, that fixes a different issue (which I'm not having). If I click on picture 1 on page 1 (with 10 images per page) I get a slideshow of the 10 images on page 1. If I click on picture 1 on page 2, I get a slideshow of the 10 images on page 2 only. What you linked to is a (fixed?) bug where clicking on picture 1 on page 2 shows the slideshow from page 1, not page 2.

Still looking to see if Lightbox can open a slideshow of all images in a gallery... I'm not too thrilled with the types of fixes that have been posted so far.

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I feel like this could be done using some AJAX. Too little time...

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+1 and subscribing

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Status: Active » Fixed
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Status: Fixed » Postponed
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2 years later and still no usable solution?

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Something that helped with my problem:
[site]/admin/settings/lightbox2/general -> CCK display settings -> Select Imagefield grouping in Views
I changed it to Group by NodeID, which, thankfully, works across my whole site.

Probably doesn't help the original poster, though...

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2.02 KB

I had a similar requirement, although the site was already using colorbox, rather than lightbox.

I managed to get a working lightbox of all images in the view, while showing only the current page's images.

It was quite hacky, using a hidden non-paged attachment, which shows all the images, and then some extra jQuery so that when you click on the visible link, its non-visible equivalent is sent a click event.

The view attachment just has the URL of the desired imagecache filesize, and is hidden with CSS.

When I get time, I'll try to patch the module to include it, but here's the code.

Ideally I would re-work this so that the number of items per page is sent from the view, rather than hard-coded in the JS.

Anyway, hope this helps someone.

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subscribe, is someone working on a solution for this in the next release?

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subscribe, a much needed function.

Thanks for the great module, btw

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subscribe, thx

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any progress or alternative at this point?

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I struggled also with this issue and received remarks that it is a pitty that only one page is showing in the lightbox. The idea was to have a view with a pager for all the pages in the magazine, the pages are the images from the magazine. I wanted to show all the pages on click in the lightbox.
The solution 39 was the solution (after 1 year). So I added an attachment, attached it to the page-view but with a css-style that I created first in the local css file (.hidden with content invisible and height 0). Now each magazine has this attachment with the style hidden (without . ). It works perfect and even makes sense since the lightbox is only capable to show what is actually present in the view.
So thx for the help.