Last updated August 20, 2014.

Drupal uses email lists to allow community/team members to communicate with each other. The current list of mailing lists is below. In addition to these lists, you can:

  • Subscribe to security announcements.
  • Sign up for project issue updates for any contributed module, theme, etc., or Drupal itself. You can either subscribe to all issues for a given project, or only get emails for issues you have participated in (either submitted or posted a follow-up comment). For this click on the "subscribe" link on top of any issue list. You can find the issue list for a project (theme, module, etc.) on a link on the project page.
  • Join a group on these are geographical and topical groups, with forums for discussion, job postings, etc.
  • Join the Drupal Association mailing list, which includes the monthly Drupal Association News, DrupalCon Updates, Information for Drupal Businesses, and Educational content (i.e., Webcasts, Global Training Days).


A list for support questions.

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A list for Drupal core developers.

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A list for Drupal theme developers/designers.

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A list for Drupal UI translators.

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A mailing list for Drupal consultants and Drupal service/hosting providers.

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A list for webmasters (e.g. settings and content on the website, user management, removing spam, etc.).

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A list for infrastructure maintainers (e.g. hardware and server configuration, the Git repositories, mailing lists, etc).

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