Last updated 15 October 2008. Created on 15 October 2008.
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This module adds a new CCK Node Reference widget option (in addition to the default Select and Auto Complete widget) which seamlessly integrates ASM Select support into all Drupal forms. This allows users to control the order (Delta field) of a Multi-select Node Reference field.


  1. Copy the nodereference_asmselect module directory to your sites/SITENAME/modules directory.
  2. Download ASM Select from (last known version to work is 1.02 beta)
  3. Extract it as a sub-directory called 'asmselect' in the module folder:
  4. Enable the module at Administer >> Site building >> Modules.


Create a CCK Node Reference field and choose ASM Select as the form widget. You can then
control the different settings of yoru widget. The JQuery UI Module
( is required in order to use the sort feature.

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