Hey all,

I am receiving an error message:

ImageCache Temp Directory c:/wamp/tmp is not writeable by

How do I change the Image Cache Temp Directory?

Thanks much!


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I just moved my site from a local sandbox onto the server and I am getting a similar error. Anyone?

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I think it's under Home » Administer » Site configuration - then file system. Mine still had the temp directory pointing to my local drive.

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Change it here: Administer » Site configuration » File system
Change temporary directory to "/tmp" (by default) or to any dir you like.
I set it to "tmp" subdirectory of the root Drupal folder.

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sous linux :

tu doit créer un répertoire tmp dans le chemin sites/default/files/tmp

mkdir sites/default/files/tmp
chmod 777 sites/default/files/tmp

puis Administer » Site configuration » File system tu doit indiquer le répertoire temporaire sites/default/files/tmp


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That is the correct location but I had to leave the "/" off the /tmp for mine to work.
That is after I created the tmp folder.

This tip helped after I moved my site from one host to another and made a big difference on how the Camaro pictures loaded.

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Thanks for helping.

i will test it on my site www.moralgroups.com and it will work correctly.

Thanks again.

Shahid Iqbal