Is there a module to prevent inappropriate user names?


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administer -> access rules may be the place to handle this type of request

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That's a great idea and not something I would have though of on my own. Though, I wonder how it would work with a username authenticating with openID?

Honestly, someone using an inappropriate name hasn't been a big issue for me. More common is user ffrgftk that some other random username entered by the spam bots. Though that has been rare too since Mollom entered the picture.


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would I need to add a seperate rule for all the possible bad names? I found a module called Abuse, but the abilty to set up rules is still in devlopment. My site will have kids, so I don't want bad names to be visable.

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as far as I know yes.

another option would be to admin create the usernames you don't want to be used and block those accounts. Users trying to get those accounts get handed back a username already taken message.

Though playing devils advocate here, younger users are pretty ingenious about screenname create and getting around filters and such.

an interetsing one I've seen within the past few days = FAAQ

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Then there's the one I saw on a license plate recently:



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It should be easy enough to write one of your own. I haven't tried, but the code below should get you most of the way there.

function cleannames_user($op, &$edit, &$user, $category=NULL)  {
  switch($op) {
    case 'validate':
      if(in_array($edit['name'], $dirty_names_array)) {
        form_set_error('name',t("Ooh, that's a dirty word.  I'm telling."));
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thanks. I'm not that saavy w/ Drupal yet and am clueless with PHP. I think I'll just keep my eyes open and wait for the Abuse module to upgrade.