I'm wondering if you have any plan to support for "new single page call ad tag". Actually, I've tried OpenX module from OpenX and I really don't like that they put the code below :

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://d.openx.org/spcjs.php'></script>

That means... all page load will call OpenX Server which is not right. Also, that is the only main different that OpenX said about your module and their module ( http://www.openx.org/en/faq/how-openx-module-drupal-different-existing-m... )

How is the OpenX module for Drupal different from the existing module?

We have updated the existing plugin (by Jeff Warrington (jaydub)) to use the new single page call ad tag, and to simplify the configuration required in your Drupal control panel.

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I tested your module and it worked fine with blocks that the module created. But when I used my manual invocation

<?php print openads_invoke([1]); ?>

That didn't work. If I put into template, my page goes blank. If I put into block, nothing shows up. I need to make it work by tonight. So, I had to test module from OpenX again. Then, I found that if I put "delivery option", the path now change to my own server.

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The line in the README that mentions the manual invocation is
a bit misleading. Where it says:

<?php print openads_invoke([index]); ?>

The mention of '[index]' doesn't literally mean that you should
wrap the zoneID in brackets []. So actually in your case it
should be

<?php print openads_invoke(1); ?>

I'll have to improve the docs to make this more clear.

As to your other question, yes I would like to look into supporting
the all in one page call tag. If possible I want to be able to support
this in more than just the case of Javascript invocation as we
use XML-RPC in production.

I'll be on holiday in a few days so will revisit when I return.

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Version: 5.x-1.1 » 6.x-1.0

I tried this print openads_invoke(1); but still didn't work inside a template.

Any ideas? I am using v2.8.

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Probably a silly question, but was the single page call ever implemented? I am just learning openx now, so I'm not even sure how to check for this. All I know is that it's "better". I'm using this module over the other because this module is actually maintained.

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Version: 6.x-1.0 » 5.x-1.1
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Th 5.x-1.1 version of this module does not support single page call.

I just added single page call support on my installation, and it seems to work OK, although I always find OpenX to be hard to understand and poorly documented. If only there was an adserver with an API and a community like drupal! (sigh).

So now there's an additional single page call method. In the config after defining your zones, you enter how many banner placements you want, then assign a zone to each numerical placement ("named zone"). Each placement/named zone is named automatically but you can override and name them yourself. The invocation code is the name, and you don't need to actually go and name each invocation, it just pops them off an array. I'm testing it with 6 zones and 24 invocations. The javascript is inserted into the page OK but openX isn't delivering them all, but I think that's our ad server, not the module, because it also did that before I tried this version.

Some bug testing of this module would definitely help. Included is a version of the module with a working single page call javascript option (in addition to regular javascript and the other methods). Maybe someone might want to help test it or port it to 6 (so I won't have to when we get there).

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Slightly improved "single page call" version: numbers the named zones by zone rather than invocation, replaces spaces with underscores (unclear whether openx supports both), supports block banner and block campaign tags (for single page call options only).

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So, the 6.x version DOES include the single page call?

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@Eidolon Night, I'm also interested to know this.

Can someone please clear up the confusion?

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I'm not sure about version 6, but D7 definitely supports SPC.
You can simply check the module code you installed in your sites/*/openx/ directory. For SPC, the openx.inc file contains an invocation call like this:
$url = $protocol . '://' . trim($server, '/') . '/spcjs.php';
The latter part being the file name for the SPC code at your OpenX server.

I've just put up an installation description for the Openx module: