It would be useful and nice to add an optional URLimage field. When set, this would display the image on the left of the bib entry, e.g. a thumbnail of a book cover.


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Yes this has been on the todo list for some time, but I'll see if I can't make it happen in the 6.x release.


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Would be great! I've also seen some web pages where people put small images that represent research reported in each publication, so this is another possible use of this feature.

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simply use CCK imagefield applied to biblio content type... would do any harm?

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If you can deploy your own module, just take over the theme_biblio_bibtex_link function and put the content of a one of biblios custom field left of the bibtex link.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

#682044: Support fields (CCK) in D7 Bibliography Module is the most graceful and efficient way to providing this functionality as it would allow seamless addition of arbitrary fields into a biblio content type. Marking as duplicate.