Every module that requires at least one new database table has a hook_schema to define the table layout. It's very handy because you don't have to write the SQL create table syntax yourself. Although useful, it's useless without the implementation of hook_install, and a call to drupal_install_schema to install the schema for you.

So this begs the question, why don't we just automatically install/uninstall the module's hook_schema when the module is installed/uninstalled, without requiring the implementation of hook_install/hook_uninstall? We can see examples of where this would benefit us within the Drupal core code itself. If you look at the source of aggregator.install, you see aggregator_install with one line telling Drupal to install its own module. Shouldn't Drupal be smart enough to just install the schema for us?

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Excellent question! :-) I'd ask Barry if there was a particular reason he didn't do that originally. If so, it should be documented. Can someone point him in this direction?

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Thing brings up another issue of system_install installing the schemas of the 'system', 'filter', 'block', 'user', 'node', 'comment', and 'taxonomy' modules.

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Tests not running? Hmmm.....

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Whoops, fixed some things. You can install and uninstall modules, but tests don't run and I'm not quite sure why.... Going to have to investigate later on.

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We discussed this when developing the initial schema api patch. I think the main reason we left it out was just to have one fewer thing change in what was already a pretty large patch.

One advantage to not installing and uninstalling the schema automatically is that it lets a module control whether other actions it wants to perform occur before or after the tables are created or dropped. Sure, the current approach requires a one-line hook_un/install, but that really is not a particularly big burden.

I could see an argument that if a module has hook_schema but not hook_un/install, then the schema is automatically created/dropped, but if there is a hook_un/install, it is responsible to creating/dropping the tables itself as it is now.

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The last submitted patch failed testing.

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This was recently committed in #306151: Automatically install/uninstall schema, so if @bjaspan's concerns are still relevant it might be worth repeating them over there. I can't at the moment think of a case where a module would really need to control the order that carefully, but maybe there is...

I see the above patch also has code for things like creating a new user_install() function, so if that is still relevant, this issue could be repurposed and reopened.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.