I am using Mozilla Firefox 3

I successfully upload PDF files.

I have the Transliteration module enabled.

In view mode the files are shown.

Once I log out click on the link where the files are supposed be, the content shows but the PDF files are not showing.

I am also having the same problem with Node Map. The map shows in view mode. Once I log out and click on the link, content shows but there is no map.

Appreciate your help on this one.

Layman's language would be appreciate.


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Can anyone help?

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Do you have the permissions set for anonymous users?

e.g. in user/permissions, check "view uploaded files" under "Upload Module" and "view node map block" under "nodemap module"

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Thanks for your help. I did not have the anonymous enabled for "view uploaded files etc".

Once the modules were enabled the PSF files were shown in content.

With Node map, I am still having problems.

Could someone help?

By the way, if the administrator has all permissions then why do you have to enable the anonymous permissions?

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I have been able to resolve the problem with lots of research and by trial and error.

The node map is now showing. I went into blocks, looked at the nodemap block and defaulted it to content. I also had to enable the anonymous node map module.

Problem resolved.

Thanks to all who helped.


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good to know. I may be using the nodemap module soon.