Hi - I used your module as a basis for a custom module for a client of mine. I added some functionality, including the export function. I was wondering if you would like to merge it. You can download it at this link http://www.fightingcrane.com/emtest/drupal-mods/mailing_list_enhanced.ta....

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I would love to use your code! can you please create a patch that i can use ? http://drupal.org/patch

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Can you provide info on how to use this? I added a mailing list in 'site configuration' and the admin and owner user rules to allow mailing list administration, I am logged as admin now what do I do??

Cheers and thanks for your support!!

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Hi - sorry for the slow response. I'll create a patch and upload it as soon as possible. I haven't contributed code before, so thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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A block should be automatically created for each mailing list. The block provides a subscribe form - just a textbox for an email address and a submit button. You can add the blocks to any page you want.

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Okay, I've created a patch based on the latest development snapshot available. Unfortunately, it's just one big monolithic patch for all the changes I made - I hope that doesn't cause any problems. Just let me know if there's anything else I can do to help out.

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Status: Active » Needs review
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Status: Needs review » Needs work

hello emichan,

I commited your other 2 patches so far. it sounds that some parts of this patch are alread commited (for example export functionality?). Could you review what needs to be updated and reroll this patch? Please coordinate with #531794: Admin UI for individual emails + list import feature so you guys dont run into conflicts.

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Hi litwol,

I'm in the process of rerolling this patch against HEAD. You've had a few more commits, so I'm having to redo it again. ;) I'll get it posted shortly.


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Thank you!. yes now is definitely a good time to reroll as i started doing active review and commit of patches.

Cheers and thanks for your contribution :)

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Status: Needs work » Needs review
15.49 KB

I rerolled the patch against the latest head. It patched cleanly on my test machine. The admin ui patch duplicated some of the functionality I added, and export was already included. So, this patch adds an unsubscribe form for each mailing list and adds the option to send notification on successful (un)subscription.

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

@emichan it seems your patch didnt upload right. can you re-upload please.

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Here is the path to the patch uploaded in #10 : http://drupal.org/files/issues/mailing_list_unsubscribe_notify.patch

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Title: code contribution » Notifications on subscribe/unsubscribe
Category: support » feature


(pasted from my comments to @litwol on IRC):

I'm not sure that all the 'notify on (un)subscribe' stuff is really a necessary addition to the module. A better approach for anyone wanting notify functionality, would be to tie in mailing_list with actions... this would probably only require inventing some hook_mailing_list_*() events, and then implementing them in a separate module. It would also have the massive advantage of allowing any action to occur on subscribe / unsubscribe, rather than limiting it to just 'send an e-mail to 1 person notifying them'.

So emichan, my advice for you is to modify your patch so that:

  • all the notify stuff is moved into a separate module, called e.g. 'mailing_list_notify.module' (I vote that this can live together with the main module, in the mailing_list package, perhaps in a subdir - but that's up to litwol)
  • mailing_list provides two new hooks, called e.g. 'hook_mailing_list_subscribe' and 'hook_mailing_list_unsubscribe' (using the standard module_invoke_all() system), which mailing_list_notify then implements and ties in with the actions API.

I also think that the unsubscribe stuff should be moved into a separate issue, and that it should wait until we have a solid verification system in mailing_list. But that's just my thoughts. :P

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I'm fine with subdir, assuming we chose to go that way.

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The suggestions for notification makes sense to me. I had it in my original modifications to the module and just thought I'd keep it in there.

As for the unsubscribe link. I actually think it is fairly important to have. If you think it's better to implement it in a different way, then that's okay. But there needs to be an easy way to allow people to unsubscribe themselves from a mailing list - even more because there is not a verification system in the module. At least in the US, the CAN-SPAM act requires that there is an "unsubscribe mechanism" in place. I'm open to ideas for a better way to handle that.

I'll make the changes to the notification aspect and resubmit the patch - fair warning it may be a few days before I can get to it. :)

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15.94 KB

Hi! I applied the #12 patch, but due to a permissions problem nobody was allowed to open the unsubscribe page.

Changing one line and adding another made everything work though:

return array('administer mailing lists','unsubscribe from mailing lists');

and added:

.'access arguments' => array('unsubscribe from mailing lists'),

to the mailing-list/%mailing_list/unsubscribe menu item.

Attached: rerolled patch to head (August 5) including these small changes.
Thanks a lot both for the module and for the #12 patch!

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12.63 KB

Attached: a Dutch translation of the mailing_list module, including translations of the added functionality in the #12 / #16 patches.

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Robin van Emden, thanks for your effort! I was just about to code that funcitonality myself but thank god you code that already ;)

I hope this patch get ported to HEAD.

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Hi all

great module that i use :-)

I notice that notifications are really important :-)

is it possible for D7?

Best regards


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Issue summary: View changes
Status: Needs work » Closed (outdated)

Closing this as outdated, 6.x version is no longer active.