Maybe add a manual submission section for stations :D

sometimes people cant have access to the streamer config


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For the YP module I don't think this is possible without patching Icecast itself, which has server-wide YP settings that only the admin can configure.

To add streams you would want a different functionality: Rather than using YP, have the Icecast module periodically connect to the status page and grab info about the streams. This is doable but someone needs to write a separate module and contribute it here (or become a co-maintainer). Meanwhile it's on my long-term list of things to do..

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i think u can do it from views with custom fields, but thats just too confusing LOL

i need a tutorial LOL

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is it possible to control icecast and shoutcast from here

something like people can post their stations, descriptions and link, post the xml so lastest songs can be imported into the drupal page?

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@expatme see also the related issue at #300672: administering a Icecast server and history list?. I'd like to work on all these features but haven't had time yet. Meanwhile if anyone works on this stuff please contribute your code to this project :)

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Wow so long time ago..

It'd be a great idea to manage icecast through drupal, not sure how possible is it, since it seems like every change you do in the main config file needs to restart icecast, at least authentication seems to be dynamic so the first thing I plan to do is to connect it with your drupal user to get access for streaming.

Is there someone else interested on this topics?

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