Now it's officially announced that yesterday the last missing commit (26568cf) has been pushed into the repository for the HU translation of the User Guide project. (Simply, I can't contain my joy, still hard to believe finally it's real after 2 years :) So our next step would be to activate volunteers to proofread the whole book.

I planned in advance to verify that the building process will go smooth, so read after in the README files about how to run the builder shell scripts, but when saw the required software stack (AsciiDoc, DocBook, FOP, Calibre) to be installed on my computer I gave up the idea to establish a working toolchain locally, sorry.

So my humble request would be to please initiate a new build to be deployed to the Documentation section of, and also if rendered ebook formats for Hungarian could be updated in the repository that I would highly appreciate.

@Jennifer I hope I knock on the proper door, but if this request belongs to the maintainers' domain then excuse me.

Update: The HU translation was updated on The HU group is proofreading the translation -- see
#3002617: [HU] Proofreading final version of HU translation
Once that is done, we need to update the User Guide on again, and build/commit e-books.

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Balu Ertl created an issue. See original summary.

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That's very exciting that Hungarian is complete! I have been watching the commits and wondered if it was close.

I did a local build a few days ago and haven't noticed any errors at least. I'll try next week again locally, and then get it deployed to Apologies -- it might be late next week... I'm volunteering on a trail bridge building project through Thursday, and I would need to ping @drumm during business hours to get this onto So, I might not be able to do that until Friday.

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Alright, thanks for the response. Meanwhile, proofreaders still can use the Preview feature of the AsciiDoc editor at the bottom of each page:

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Updating issue description with the announcement link.

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I just did a build with the latest pull, and there were no AsciiDoc errors (at least locally).

So, you could probably get on Drupal Slack, go to the Infrastructure channel (#drupal-infra I think?), ping @drumm, and ask him to rebuild/feed the latest 8.5.x version of the User Guide. I think he probably has a development site available to try it out on before pushing it to the live site, since I think he's been working with the "Official Docs" project (also doing AsciiDoc-based docs) to get that deployed.

If you don't want to do that, I'll be back in action on Friday... whichever of us does something, post here!

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Thanks for testing out the build. Glad to hear that it worked for you, I hope it will for Drumm as well. I PM'ed him via Slack (as did not found him on, which I favor better :)

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I did spot one issue on staging: #3002002: [DE] “Kapitel 4. Grundlegende Website-Konfiguration” summary is too long. That looks like it was present in the 8.x-4.0 tag, so not a blocker for today.

I’m running one more import to double check things. The last import took 6 hours, which is concerning, but I expect it was due to timing colliding with staging being refreshed. I suspect this might happen again today.

I’ll keep the #documentation Slack channel updated.

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Otherwise, the import is working well, at least technically. I have not reviewed any content or commits to the guide project.

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Status: Active » Needs review

Balu Ertl confirmed this looks good on staging. I suspect there are additional steps to tagging, maybe generating ebooks.

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I'll make a new e-book build and release later this week, but we can go ahead and deploy to in the meantime.

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The import on production is now running. The last few imports have taken about an hour to run.

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The import completed.

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What a nice news I got today on my Dashboard! :)

@drumm thank you for your efforts. It helps a lot for proofreaders to see the content being reviewed in the final environment.

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It looks like this has been completed. @Balu Ertl is it okay if we go ahead an mark this issue as Fixed? If not it's not clear to me what still needs to be done so maybe we could update the issue summary? Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Thanks.

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We still need to rebuild/commit the ebooks, but I'm waiting on that until the HU group has finished their proofreading of the translated topics. I'll put a note in the issue summary...

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I'm about ready to start working on #3001213: Test/update for Drupal 8.6.0, so I will need to start the 8.6 branch soon. I plan to make a final e-book build and final 8.x-5.x release of the User Guide first, with whatever we have. It looks to me as though the HU proofreading is nearly complete, so this should be a pretty good e-book (for EN and HU and FA anyway).

Then I will make an 8x-6.x branch in the User Guide and send notification out to the translation groups to start making commits on that branch, and start work on the 8.x update (committing updated screenshots and/or text as needed, and making issues for larger changes). When the rest of HU is translated, and the 8.6 updates and updated screenshots are done, I'll build ebooks again and make the first 8.6.0 release of the User Guide.

At that time, it would probably be good to update the feeds import; I don't think we need to do that right now.

Let me know if anyone has suggestions/problems with this plan... otherwise, I will probably close out 8.5.x and open 8.6.x later today. Thanks!

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Yesterday evening we discussed via Slack, JFR summarize here too:

"the HU proofreading is nearly complete"

Yes, we're almost done, only 7 topics left behind. Many general fixes has been committed to unify the final output of this 2-year period.

"Then I will make an 8x-6.x branch in the User Guide and send notification out to the translation groups to start making commits on that branch [...]"

So if I understand correctly, the remaining 7 topics can be committed into 8.x-6.x branch, right?

Finally I just want to share this regex pattern which I found quite useful to automatically detect summary lines longer than 120 chars:
I hope someone else will also find useful it.

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

I've built the e-books and committed them to the 8.x-5.x branch. I think we can go ahead and mark this issue as Fixed.

  • jhodgdon committed de42697 on 8.x-5.x
    Issue #3001736 by jhodgdon: Build ebooks
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I’m doing one more import of the 8.x-5.x branch on production before switching everything over to the 8.x-6.x branch.

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Hi @Balu Ertl -- regarding #18, I tried that regex and it has an unmatched ( near the end... took that out and it didn't find anything when I used it with grep, even though I know we have a couple of DE files with too-long summaries.

Can you be more specific about how you used that to find too-long summaries? Thanks!

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You're right:

  • The opening parenthesis char supposed to match to the first glossary entry reference coming up next after the summary, but in some files there is no glossary entry present at all, so this char could be removed from the pattern, indeed.
  • And also it can't be used generally: if a locale kept the line length limitation, thus breaking a summary's text into multiple lines, then this pattern would return a false negative.
  • Finally, as the limitation is 140 char length (not 120 as I knew), then the proper quantifier should be {141,} instead.

"even though I know we have a couple of DE files with too-long summaries"

I found only the guide.txt translated to German. All the other files are in original English. Checked through also the other fully translated Farsi locale and didn't found any summary text longer than 140.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.