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If you can not rebuild your content permissions (rebuild does not finish or finishes with error) after installing Organic Groups (OG) access control module (part of the OG bundle) do this:

1. Run this command on your sql server:
delete from node_access;
insert into node_access values (0,0,'all',1,0,0);

2. Turn off the OG access control module

The module will be disabled but node permissions are will work and the site is not corrupted.


Update: May 29, 2009 by AlphaGeekBoy

In researching this issue and digging deeper, I found that I had two left-over content items from a content type that I had previously deleted. This was preventing the content permissions rebuild from rebuilding. Once, I removed those two nodes from the node and node_revisions table, I was able to leave OG Access control turned on and run rebuild permissions with no problem.


Content without a title can also cause this. Construct a view to check all your content for missing UID (UID=0), missing title, or missing type. There may be other things that can cause this, but those will definitely do it.

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The command worked to fix my site, but it still shows the warning:

"The content access permissions need to be rebuilt. Please visit this page."

So after the fix, I re-run the rebuild and the site goes back to wonky. Rebuild fails, anonymous users
can't see anything and the error still persists. I have checked legacy content but have none.

What to do now?

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After confab with server dude:

ModSecurity: Access denied with code 501 (phase 2).
[id "960010"]
[uri "/batch"]

create a rule that lets /batch around id 960010