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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:59

Release notes

This release fixes many bugs present in the 1.12 version of Fivestar. Upgrading all sites is recommended, as several critical bugs that affect the functionality of Fivestar have been addressed.

Backup your database for this upgrade. This update from 1.12 runs an unusual update where the comment support is moved from fivestar.module to a new fivestar_comment.module.

Bug Fixes:
#266039: User votes on and on (Drupal 6 only)
#282221: CCK rc4 breaks fivestar module. Drupal 6 only)
#293258: "Required Rating" does not work (Drupal 6 only)
#286319: Unable to be used in D6 Install Profiles (Drupal 6 only)
#262678: Target Node ID is not evaling PHP code
#294870: 'combo' used when 'dual' should be used for variable fivestar_text_xxx

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