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This is Rules

Rules is an engine for automating actions in Drupal. Rules can react to events occurring on your site, such as a user logging in or a node being submitted, and it can perform customized follow-up actions such as redirecting to a certain page or setting field values.

Rules is also a framework used by other modules, allowing them to expose user-reconfigurable components with sets of actions and conditions that are managed in easy to import/export configuration files. Rules leverages Entity API to read and act on data and work seamlessly with all types of variables and entities.

In addition to this handbook, The Tiny Book of Rules offers a condensed and portable handbook, and Chapter 12 of Drupal 7 – The Essentials is part of a larger resource on Drupal.

Historical note: the Rules module is the successor of the Workflow-ng module for Drupal 5; it is a replacement for the Trigger module, which is in Drupal 7 Core and has been removed from Drupal 8.

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Hello Guys.
I am not sure whether this is the right place to post this however I am lost with this feature and hope some help from the drupal masters.
The scenario.
I have two roles - 'Artist' & 'Sponsor'
Also, there are three types of paid memberships - membership1, membership2 & membership3.
Artists can register/subscribe for any of the three paid memberships (1,2,3).

I am building a view for 'Sponsor' role, which displays the artists profile photos.
The behaviour of the view is as follows.

While viewing the user profile’s view, the sponsor should be able to see only the total number of photos that the membership type permits pertaining to that user.

For e.g. if the sponsor is viewing the membership1’s user profile view, only 1 photo is to be displayed.
Similarly if the sponsor is viewing the membership2’s user profile view, only 5 photos is to be displayed.
and same applies to membership3 user profile view.

Please suggest me how this can be achieved by Rules (if can) or any other ways/modules to build view.
I am using Drupal 7.3x and Rules-7.x-2.7.
Appreciate your support

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Try asking in forums.
View question not Rule question.
Hint: 3 views using taxonomy/term/1, taxonomy/term/2, taxonomy/term/3 (or whatever the term values are for membership