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After building several Drupal 5.x sites, this is my first Drupal 6.x website. I was hesitant to make the switch because of the learning curve associated with a major version update. But, after building this 6.x site I have fallen in love with the upgrade and have since gone back and starting upgrading some of my existing sites to version 6.

ILoveTurf.com, was a unique design experience for me. The client had some non-traditional layout and navigation desires for the site and provided concept mockups for me to work from.

Enter the Zen Theme. I had struggled to use Zen before. I liked the concept but had a hard time transitioning a site mockup into the Zen theme. My previous attempt I just used the template (.tpl) files and created my own style sheets.

With this site, because of the way the client provided the concepts, I was able to use the Zen as the skeleton and simply start adding in my style information. Then things clicked and I finally understood the power of the Zen theme. The included classes in the templates files and their matching selectors in the styles sheets is simply amazing. The documentation in the styles sheets is a great tool also.

In short, if you are a designer and haven't used Zen yet - do yourself a favor and learn it. Since this site, I have built every site upon the Zen framework.

About this site

The client wanted three distinct looks/layouts to the site. There is the Landing Page/Home Page, the Turf Topics section and then everything else.

The main focus of the website is the Turf Topics area which is a 'magazine style' information and article section. The Views 2 module is simply amazing in it's flexibility. It is used to generate the taxonomy terms and article listings. The block links on the right side is a custom content type where the admin can enter a url, title and choose some options and the links are then auto-generated.

The Blog API is used for publishing from Word 2007. The images are handled by the the image module and make adding, managing and position images easy.

Modules Used

  • Views
  • Image
  • Image assist
  • Flash Video
  • Webform
  • Lightbox2
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Read More Tweak
  • Pathauto

A Promised Land Lawn Spraying | iloveturf.com


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