I have a theme for a site and I choose the garland theme at admin section . Now I am facing the problem at content creation and block section at admin level.The default site theme comes when we create content. It is not taking the theme of garland at admin section which is set at admin level.


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You can always set the site's theme as an admin theme, if that is your question

- Alexei Rayu.

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The problem is that it shows the default theme of my site though I setted the administration theme to garland at admin level.Thanks in advance.

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This is standard behavior.

The Admin theme will only show up when browsing administration pages. When you add a node, you are not on an administration page, but "node/add/....". After all, if your users are creating content, then you wouldn't want them to be seeing the administration theme (usually).

As for the blocks page, this, too, is a practical decision. If you want to edit the blocks that would appear in the Admin theme, as opposed to the site theme, then select the tab for your site theme when you visit the Block administration page.

- Corey

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Yes The Admin theme will only show up when browsing administration pages.But in my one It changes to default theme even though I selected different theme for admin and User.Thanks for your reponse.