I have installed wysiwyg 6.x.-1.x-dev + TinyMCE 2.1.3 on my Drupal 6.3.

I have created only one profile for wysiwyg.

The principal settings of this profile are:

Roles allowed to use this profile: all
Verify HTML: false
Preformatted: true
Convert font tags to styles: true
Remove linebreaks: false
Apply source formatting: false

I have disabled the html filter & corrector of Drupal.

Any time that I insert the tag CODE, it disappears! But html verify is disabled!
Any time that I insert the tag PRE with a proper formatting, this one disappears next time I open the document or it modified by the addition of BR tag (that I don't want!)

But, have profile settings any sense?
Is it possible to disable such verify phase?

I need to insert piece of source code in my documents and I have some trouble with this setting!


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After other 3 hours... I discovered the problem!

It is a tinyMCE bug!

Description of problem:
I want to insert some Java code using

It is important that breaklines and spaces are preserved as in the source.

Even if the remove_breaklines option is disabled and source formatting is
enabled, the 
 tag is malformed:


OUTPUT (after save) is



If you disabled source formating function, the result is


    row1<br />       row2<br />


Tags <br /> are not desirable!!!

I have read in the forum that a solution is to add a custom cleanup
function that remove <br />, but even this solution is not good because
the result would be:


 row1   row2


because tinyMCE.formatHTML() changes anytime!

I believe that the instruction at line 5049 of file tiny_mce.js

h = h.replace(new RegExp('\\n\\s+', 'gi'), '\n'); // Remove previous

remove too much spaces (surely when these are inside an


I removed this instruction and now I have 
 tags well formatted and
without any unwanted 
tags. In this way, I can use other plugings to colorize the java code inside
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Title: Profile doesn't apply » TinyMCE reformats source code even if configured not to do so
Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Great that you found a solution yourself for a bug that cannot be fixed in a Drupal module. You should definitely file an issue in TinyMCE's/moxiecode's bugtracker/forum.