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Configure the user registration options for your site (?q=admin/user/configure). The three options for your Drupal based site are listed here.

  • Only site administrators can create new user accounts.
  • Visitors can create accounts and no administrator approval is required.
  • Visitors can create accounts but administrator approval is required.

If you allow user registration, take the time to customize the message to something appropriate to your site and community. User picture support is also enabled/disabled here and relies on the theme to have support for it.

These settings can be found in admin >> users >> configure in Drupal 4.6.

These settings can be found in admin >> settings >> users in Drupal 4.7.

Some sites may want to establish rules for user names, or block registration from certain email domains. This can be done through the Account Rules tab in admin >> access control(?q=admin/access/rules).

Set up username and e-mail address access rules for new accounts. If a username or email address for a new account matches any deny rule, but not an allow rule, then the new account will not be allowed to be created.

There is allowance for wildcards as well.
%: Matches any number of characters, even zero characters.
_: Matches exactly one character.

For example a rule of:

  • %-: would prevent any user names ending in a dash
  • w_rd: would prevent any combination or w any 2nd character and rd

In the examples above, the ":" (colon) is not part of the rule

A more complex example would be requiring users to choose names that follow a specific pattern for example, all user names must start with a specific string ("human") and end with a number.

First create a DENY % rule, then create an ALLOW rule of human%

There is also a checking tool to check the effect of your rules.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.