Hi Drupal Team

I was searching thru the forums reagarding the phpbb forum bridge
but i cant seem to find the right one. I am using phpbb3 forum
and I wanted to know if anyone can point me to a working phpbb bridge
currently I have drupal version 6.4 . Please help



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Is this what you're after?


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YES! this is what im after. Thanks a million !! altho i only see upto version 5.5
i was wondering if it would work for 6.4?

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Modules for Drupal 5.x cannot be used with Drupal 6.x

Robert Garrigos
Professional site: http://garrigos.cat
Catalan Drupal Users Group: drupal.cat

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is it ok if i install drupal 5.10? would that work then?

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You can install drupal 5.10 as a lot modules are still being developed for and well there are more modules over all.

No one will stop you as a lot of people are still waiting to update to 6.x for the same reasons you want to use 5.10.

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cool thanks for the replies team

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There's also this one:


That one has a Drupal 6 version. I'm using the Drupal 5 version, and it works fine.

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thos mod is in development quality tho. which is the stable one? the 5.x one?

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is there a stable 6.x phpbb bridge?

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I can only speak to the Drupal 5 version, which works fine. Sorry.

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good enough. im off to 5.10 =P

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ok since im gonna be doing 5.10
i just have a question. ive already created a database for 6.4
and i cant seem to delete the sites folder with the settings.php in it
how do i delete that? can i delete the database as well?

theres noting in the 6.4 database yet I just recently installed it so
theres no problem removing it

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settings.php cannot be deleted.

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Might be the file permissions, chmod 777 and delete it =)