With drupal 5.x our site used events, I'm now switching to drupal 6 with date/calendar. Using a content type 'rehearsal' with a date with repetition I get a single new 'rehearsal' node which a set of (synthesized) dates is attached to.

What I would like is the ability to use the same procedure to create rehearsals, but instead of having a single node with many dates, generate one node per date, as to each is attached a different content (scores and other things to be rehearsed).
(The reason I mention drupal 5 and events is that I believe this used to work that way.)

Is this possible at all ?

Also (though this is quite a different request I admit), would it be possible to have a contextual pull-down menu associated to day cells in a calendar that offers a set of content types to be created for that date ?

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I'm marking as a duplicate of #298334: Repeating dates in separate nodes (at least the first part is).
I've seen variations of the second request above and Karen has added some similar functionality, but I could not find the related issue(s) for that,