Hello -- I'm not sure if this is an actual upgrade problem, but it's during an attempted upgrade (from 6.2 >>6.3) that I discovered the problem.

A couple of the files created by drupal require root user privileges for modification. Specifically, the images folder in httpdocs/sites/default/files/images folder, and everything in the /files/ (images, css, xmlsitemap, js) folder are owned by apache rather than my user.
All the higher level folders I can control, but anything within /sites/default/files is root (apache) and I don't have root user privilege. My host doesn't seem to offer terminal access either, so everything is managed through the plesk filemanager.

Is there any way to stop drupal creating files requiring root level access rights, (eg, creating them before installing the module)?
Because since the last level of documents is owned by root, I can't remove the folder that they're in, (in this case the /sites folder.) I keep getting the error message that the various files couldn't be removed because permission is denied to my user, so when I try to do a fresh install of drupal-6.3, I keep ending up with my original /sites folder.


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Hi, that's just a hint: If you have FTP access and can upload files you should also have the possibility to see
following access roght on folder "default" and or "sites" !

So check mostly with a rightclick on your hosted folder the access rights (ie drwxr-xr-x = value 755)
this may differ for your ( maybe dr-xr-xr-x = value 555) , so write yours down
then set it to value 777 ( drwx-rwx-rwx) and repeat for each file or folder inside
with FileZilla you can tag the option "Recourse into subdirectory" - button "Apply to all files and subdirectory"
after that you can delete what ever is in the folder.

If you cannot do it your self ask your hosting provider to do so for you.

Hope this helps

Cheers - Wolfflow
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