From 8.2.x there is an enhancement to improve IME experience in autocomplete. This has been implemented in #2823589: Improve IME handling on Autocomplete.
Basically, when a user starts to type a foreign language character by using English letter, the autocomplete will not trigger a search event until the foreign language character is typed completely.

This is a nice feature to have, however it causes an issue in the Chrome browser on Android phone. In my case, I observed issues on both Samsung mobile and tablet. On those devices, even I try to type English instead of another foreign language character, the search event is not triggered until a full English word is typed and a space key is pressed. After troubleshooting, it turns out that word suggestion is provided on those devices, and when I start to type an English word, it also triggers 'compositionstart' and 'compositionend' events.

== Update ==

I have tested on

  • two Adroid versions including 6.01 and 7.1
  • two mobile brands
  • two browsers including Chrome and Adroid default browser

Proposed resolution

I am not sure if that is really a Drupal bug. But it would be nice to have an option to turn this on or off per site.

The current solution is to cancel two event listeners in the custom JavaScript file in module or theme level.

Remaining tasks

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That sounds really annoying.

Is it possible that this is an Android Chrome bug? Does it work in other browsers on in Android?

I don't think that turning off the autocomplete has been discussed before (that I can remember). Interesting idea.

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Title: IME enhancement caused » IME enhancement stops autocomplete search event in Android when typing an English word
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Hi @mgifford, yes it happens to the Android default browser.

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But not in Opera or FF? Can you search to see if there is a known problem in Adobe's Chrome implementation? If so it should probably be fixed there.

Version: 8.5.x-dev » 8.6.x-dev

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