I have tried out the module (including patching the nodereference and userreference modules) and it works as per the readme.

When I create a "Flexifield tester" node I get a list of combined fields as per the explanation in the readme. I let the "Text and Node" types nodereference refer to pages.

So in my "First Flexifield" node I have a list of references to a few pages, with some attached text. How do I access this info in views? There are no nodes of "Text and Node" created.

As described I guess you could have "Flexifield Tester" nodes working as a many-to-many relationships manager; but as long as I don't get it through views, I'm a bit stumped.

If it created "Text and Node" nodes I would feel a bit more comfortable with it (especially with autonodetitle and tokens added into that mix).


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It would be helpful if you provided a demonstration video of how this works.

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I would have volunteered for that, but unfortunately my daytime work is very demanding these next few weeks.

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BTW, I think I have found out when to use the module. Now just waiting for views support and more themeing support :)

My main example would be a CV. You create a node type Duration, which has a duration date field (I don't know if this works, though, since I haven't tested with that many different field types).

Then create a node type Education, with a nodereference field to reference the schools, one for degrees, etc.

Make a similar node for Experience, Extra Curricular Activities, Seminars attended, Achievements

Then you make a node called CV, which creates a flexifield for Education. That one should use both the Duration and Education node types. Create a new flexifield for Experience and Duration. Do the same for the rest of the parts of the CV.

Now, when you create your CV you should get nice lines to add all those parts into it! Remember to hide labels in the referenced node types in order to get a cleaner listing on node views.

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I'm just setting this to "by design", so it will be closed in a couple of weeks. My little contribution to the issue queue...

z allen you should post the problems you have in separate issues, one for each different kind of problem.

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