Certain links are not announced correctly by JAWS.

Example 1: Within the “Create Article” screen, “Menu settings”, “URL path settings”, “Authoring information” and “Promotion information” links are announced by JAWS as “Create new revision checkbox”.

Expected result: All links are expected to be announced correctly by JAWS. In this instance, JAWS is expected to announce, “Menu settings link”.

Example 2: Within the “Configure the Mail System” page, when the “DEFAULT MAIL SYSTEM” and “MODULE-SPECIFIC CONFIGURATION” expand/collapse buttons are accessed, JAWS announces the previously navigated element i.e., “Available updates link” and “Theme to render the emails combo box collapsed Current”. Instead, JAWS is expected to announce correctly e.g., “DEFAULT MAIL SYSTEM button expanded” and “MODULE-SPECIFIC CONFIGURATION button expanded”.

Expected Result: All user interface elements are expected to be announced correctly by JAWS. In this instance, the “DEFAULT MAIL SYSTEM” and “MODULE-SPECIFIC CONFIGURATION” expand/collapse buttons are expected to announced by JAWS e.g., “DEFAULT MAIL SYSTEM button expanded” and “MODULE-SPECIFIC CONFIGURATION button expanded”.

• This defect also exists elsewhere within the application.
• This defect exists in only IE 11.
• Reference: Section 508, Part 1194.21, Paragraph (d).

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kershme created an issue. See original summary.

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Links & screenshots help a lot. Just makes it easier to navigate. Also, examples of the HTML/CSS/JavaScript is helpful too.

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Component: base system » javascript
Issue tags: +markup, +IE, +edge, +DetailsTag

A bit surprised JAWS is not a FREE software. After installation, it crashed my PC and changed the text display :S

Whatever, back to the topic:

I think this is because all IE/Edge do not support Details tag and we loaded fallback HTML.

I changed Component to JS but needs help from Markup team or others :) I uninstall the test version of JAWS. I will see if other software has the same problem and help it out

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Worth checking out https://www.nvaccess.org/ that operates much like JAWS.

Details isn't supported, but we knew that:

That is why we have a polyfill It might be related to this issue:

Thanks for pursuing this.

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Another polyfill won't address the problem or say you have to check the same amount of accessibility issues before to use that new polyfill.

the problem is how these tools handle the custom tag in IE/EDGE

the wrapper role="button" cause the inner element won't announce in IE/EDGE.

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Title: Title of Expansion Section Not Announced By JAWS (IE Only Issue) » Title of Expansion Section Not Announced By JAWS/NVDA (IE/Edge Only)

So with my testing, NVDA has the same problem. I think we able to assume this is a problem of IE/EDGE.

combine with @mgifford comments here:
well, I wonder if it's really no problems with custom tag (web components for today's web).. how to make an element focusable is an issue already. (I missed some real tests, so don't' take my word seriously, hehe. Thanks)

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