As a member of (not a DA member) I am unaware of there being a way for me to find "my people". We are a very large community. No matter who you are, what your interests are be they working on similar projects or initiatives, simply finding like minded Drupalists is harder than it should be. This may involved heading to Twitter, IRC, Slack etc.

Not all of us are able to attend conferences, camps, meetups (which are without doubt the best way to meet people). Having such a search, which I guess would need to be via an opt in, would help people connect, have a better experience of the Drupal community, meet more people, have a greater sense of belonging.

This is even more valuable to someone who is just getting in to Drupal, a recent registrant. The sooner they are able to connect with people, the more likely they are to stay.

Proposed resolution

The Drupal Association are nearing completion of a Member Listing view. So perhaps a majority of the work is already done? A very similar (if not the same) view could be created having filters on taxonomy terms to allow Drupal community members to find others having shared interests, geography, goals in Drupal.


The solution would need to have appropriate filters, this is a large community. I imagine there are some performance issues too, but I think the potential benefits of having such a directory make the challenge justified.

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Title: user listing » User Directory
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I think this is a great idea. It may have been one raised in the Prairie initiative at one point, so just tagged it.

I'd like more search options. I'd like to be able to search by interest, not just country.

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I'd also suggest this be opt-in as many people will want some level of privacy by default.

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I fully support this idea. When I received the information about the Drupal Association members directory I just wondered if I just do not know about such a directory for users or if it really does not exist. There is such a big community around the world and no way to search for other members.

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Great idea, I`d like a social network for Drupalists, something like LinkedIn.

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I had a friend who worked on something similar several years ago. It was intended to be like Govloop for government employees so we could find each other and collaborate across govlines. It was abandoned probably back in 2012 or 2013. For an example

There was another project now defunct ( called DisGOVer that tried to do a similar thing as govloop, create a community for govies. It was actually a Drupal7 project. What I liked about it more than govloop was how easy it was to follow threads, navigate to users and actually collaborate. What I hated about it was the WYSIWYG, inability to add images to tell a story, couldn't upload into the system...

Not sure this info helps, but building community and building the discover-ability of that community is really important to me and I'd love to help with this if possible.