how do i resolve Fatal error: Call to undefined function entity_view_mode_prepare() in C:\wamp\www\drupal\sites\all\modules\field_collection\ on line 600


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version of field collection module in use?
version of views in use?
exact version of Drupal core in use?

What was done before the error began to appear?

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Good questions but, hard to answer at times when attention is focused only after alarm bell has rung! ;)

Registry Rebuild .php is one option, but I believe that requires access to command line, which I do not.
All I can access is the File Manager and perhaps the browser url (code) bar.

I have had fatal errors before, but thus far have simply restored to the previous site version (day before). All other efforts have failed due to seemingly circular instructions (from the host service) involving Comand Line to install a CL Interface to install something else so that I don't need to use the Command Line in the first place.

In my case, the latest fatal error is:
Fatal error: Trait 'Drupal\Console\Core\Command\Shared\ContainerAwareCommandTrait' not found in /home/liikanjitsu/public_html/lol-liikan/modules/ckeditor_media_embed/src/Command/InstallCommand.php on line 32 "

The problem being that even after restoring to early working versions of my Drupal 8 system, the error persists and I cannot even access the site to do anything about it. Use of a Hosting service makes this more problematic unless someone can explain to me clearly how to perform a registry rebuild without having to go to the command line to download command line module / tool so that I can download a programme that does not require me to use command line interface, but only once I have initialised it using a CLI !!!!

E.g. Drush, Drupal Console and Composer on a hosting service such as GoDaddy.

If any one can show me how to solve the current problem and perhaps even install the console and composer tools without sending me round inifinite programming set-up loops, It would be greatly appreciated.