Hi eveyone, my first post ever!

I migrated Drupal7 recently from older Centos6 (PHP 5.3) to Centos7 (PHP 5.4, mySQL 5.5). Basically I brought new server up, installed necessary application requirements (Apache,PHP,mySQL), restored drupal database from mySQL backup onto new server and copied content of /var/www/html/drupal folder to the new server as well. Website came alive right away, but font is off and some text formatting is off as well (bold, italics).
Does anyone have idea which part I missed and how to fix this issues?


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per https://www.drupal.org/node/643758 please edit your post and move it to the 'post installation' forum. Thank you.

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I tried couple of times but it always comes with "there was problem with your submission, try in xx seconds".

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I've confirmed your account as a real user. Please try again.