This is a child issue of #2906470: Orphan comments and entries in comment_entity_statistics after comment field instance has been deleted. Based on the recommendation by @andypost and @larowlan, this UI part should be handled as a separate child issue.


When a comment field instance is deleted for example from a node content type, we are currently showing the warning below.
Current warning

The site builder is currently not being explicitly warned that deleting the comment field will also delete all the comments of that comment field instance.

Proposed resolution

In addition to the current "Are you sure you want to delete the field {Comment field name}? This action cannot be undone." warning, the site builder should be shown a message: All comments of this comment field will be deleted.

If we want to make this more generic and to improve the site builder UX for all field deletions, we could re-phrase the This action cannot be undone warning as All content of this field will be permanently deleted. This action cannot be undone.

Remaining tasks

  • Decide if we want to make Comment module specific warning or improve this so that the same warning will be shown for all field deletions.
  • Patch
  • Review
  • Commit

User interface changes

Yes, see proposed resolution above.

API changes


Data model changes


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