Hi all,

I am trying to install commerce kickstart 2.49 (drupal core 7.56) with Mysql (Mariadb).
I always stuck with batch install when try to install Commerce Product UI.
There error is Internal Server Error with error log:

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught PDOException: There is no active transaction in /home/andreas/workspace-php/ckickstart/includes/database/mysql/database.inc:183
Stack trace:
#0 /home/andreas/workspace-php/ckickstart/includes/database/mysql/database.inc(183): PDO->commit()
#1 /home/andreas/workspace-php/ckickstart/includes/database/database.inc(1154): DatabaseConnection_mysql->popCommittableTransactions()
#2 /home/andreas/workspace-php/ckickstart/includes/database/database.inc(1964): DatabaseConnection->popTransaction('savepoint_7')
#3 [internal function]: DatabaseTransaction->__destruct()
#4 {main}
  thrown in /home/andreas/workspace-php/ckickstart/includes/database/mysql/database.inc on line 183

When I look at the code on line 183 at includes/database/mysql/database.inc, there is this line:

if (!PDO::commit()) {
  throw new DatabaseTransactionCommitFailedException();

There is this simple improvement that make the installation work again.

if (PDO::inTransaction() && !PDO::commit()) {
  throw new DatabaseTransactionCommitFailedException();

Why the additional code PDO::inTransaction() works, because when try to commit the transaction, code always check for active transaction.

What are the steps required to reproduce the bug?
- Install commerce kickstart 2.49 in Ubuntu 16.04.1 using Zend Server Nginx PHP 7.1 version 9.1.1+b119 and MariaDB 10.1.26.
What behavior were you expecting?
- Able to install commerce kickstart without internal server error.
What happened instead?
- When install.php try to install commerce product ui, batch gives internal server error with php error above.

Hope this helps.

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