the preprocess method can be called many times during a page build, meaning that separately generating the theme information each time it is called gets expensive.

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acrollet created an issue. See original summary.

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patch attached for review.

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Issue tags: +Performance
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Forgot to mention figures, reduced page load times by an average of .30s (out of roughly 3)

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This looks great as another performance improvement ^_^, I also gave the patch a go and attached a profile comparison before and after the patch with a drush cr before each page load.

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Same with this one.

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Title: theme context generation in Bootstrap::preprocess() is expensive » Bootstrap::preprocess() theme context generation is expensive
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  • markcarver committed 43c1c4f on 8.x-3.x
    Issue #2905747 by markcarver, acrollet, sylus: Bootstrap::preprocess()...

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