Configure a live server installing SearchAPI Location and Solr for demo purpose with thousands of spatial data.

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dbjpanda created an issue. See original summary.

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Here is the demo url . I have created more than 10000 nodes with lat/lon as a field. And configured with latest dev version of Search_API_Location, Search_api, and search_api_solr. I am using Solr 6.6.0.

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Looks good, but I think I found a bug when reviewing this, should we create a new issue for this?

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Yes, I was too talking with the owner of the Leaflet SOlR heatmap Jackreed, there is a bug in clustering that he is working on. So as soon as that issue resoves I will submit a updated patch for this module as well.

There are two problems, it is refreshing 2 times while triggering 'moveend' event. It is too a issue in Leaflet.

Second one, Two times clustering, One by Solr, again by Leaflet.