Hi Everyone,

I am attempting to create a clone of an active website for development. I placed the cloned site on a subdirectory (ex. example.com/clone). The site clone is working with the exception of links. Most links on the site...at least from my menu...point to the right link (ex. example.com/clone/link1). There are, however, some links on pages that do not link include the subdirectory and point to the link (ex. example.com/link2). Still other links add a redundant subdirectory to the address (ex. example.com/clone/clone/link3). Between my settings.php and .htaccess file for the cloned site, I have tried various combinations of changes. In the settings.php file, I have uncommented $base_url and set it to 'http://example.com/clone'. I have also, in my htaccess file tried 'RewriteBase /clone'. I have seen different articles on this issue but have not found a solution that addresses the issues I have been experiencing. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do to get my links pointing to example.com/clone/
? I appreciate the advice.



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If it's links in the body field, then you will need to install and configure the pathologic module. This is why I always use a subdomain when building sites. You don't have to mess with this stuff.