How to get manage complexe taxonomy content links?

I'm working on a very large website. Categories go like this:

---Fast Food (content item)

---Fast Food (content item)

The URL would be:

Now the problem is, I'm using Ckeditor Link and the autocomplete shows:

Fast Food
Fast Food

I have no way of knowing what item it can I get the full path to show up? Like this:
Detroit>>Restaurants>>Fast Food
Chicago>>Restaurants>>Fast Food

In the image example below the city Attapeu shows up in multiple taxonomies


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I prefer using the link it module over the creditor link module. Many more features including the ability to define the display like you are asking using tokens. You can even just use the taxonomy parent tokens to show just the city parent.

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Thanks Nicoz,

But this is not working, Linkit displays the exact same behavior, just in larger fonts;)

Only local images are allowed.

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You have to configure it to do what you want. You have to place the tokens before it shows.

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You don't want full path URLs within your site content ...

Deploy the pathologic module to complete relative URLs behind the scenes during rendering, and be sure to use relative URLs within your nodes and other similar site content areas.

You will otherwise eventually break your site.

All that would have to happen is something like the acquisition of an SSL certificate that would change the prefix to https.

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OP isn't asking to insert the full path but rather see the path in the autocomplete in the creditor link module. This way they can tell the difference between taxonomy with the same name but different parents.

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Thanks nicoz, yes indeed, linkit works!